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Virtual Space

Customize your own hyper-realistic, lasting, immersive ‘metaverse’ experience that is easy to setup and expandable. Our3DSpace

Business Process Automation

A Robotic Process Automation tool that is simple, learner-centered, and meaningful for skills assessment process to be conducted in real-time. Seek&Spot Workflow

Activity Management

Flexible, robust and easily configured solutions for events and engagements. Fromlabs Engage

Challenge Management

Allow individual and organization to compete and earn points. Engaging people to be active to support healthy lifestyle. Fromlabs Challenge

Order Management Software

easy-to-use, affordable and adaptable Software for restaurants and hotels to support safe distancing measures while maintaining the traditional service experience with InfoSpot-O

Gamification Platform

Experience Scavenger Hunt and Geocaching. Create more exciting interaction for your learning or teambuilding activities. Seek&Spot Gamification.

Exhibit Information

Create the interactive experience with your audience by creating contents for your artworks or collection of interest with InfoSpot

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