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United Nations DPI - Visitor Service

Powered by InfoSpot, The United Nations Visitors Centre – NY application is presented to you by the UN Department of Public Information - UN Visitor Services.  It offers visitors an exciting opportunity to discover and get to know more about some artworks and gifts at the UN Headquarters in New York. 
This App is an addition to the guided tour programme and covers over 65 works of art and architectural elements in the Plaza, Visitors Lobby and Visitors Centre of the GA building.  They can be viewed before and after the scheduled tour.
The application is available for download in Apple, Google Play, and Amazon Store; it supports multiple languages.

StoryDrive Asia

Frankfurt Book-Fair and Singapore Book Publishers Association trusted FromLabs Event Management solution to manage registrations and event management for the StoryDrive Asia event -

STORYDRIVE ASIA - Enabling content owners to innovate and grow their businesses

With a population of more than 620 million, the Southeast Asian region remains an under-explored market with huge potential – in the traditional publishing environment and emerging new media industries.

Publishing nowadays knows no fixed structure, no straight forward business models and not even consistent players. Be it for games, films or books, the business of publishing and work with content, has changed significantly over the last few years.

How will stories be told and sold in the future?

More and more players are entering the market, exploring new revenue streams and formats. New job profiles are emerging and new skills are needed to stay relevant in the business of content.

Boys Brigade

The highly-anticipated adventure race for the Senior Programmes, BB Blaze 2017, was held on 8 April.  512 Boys in 120 teams from 59 Seniors Programme Companies had gathered at Gan Eng Seng Seconday School before daybreak on that day. This year, the race was held in the vicinity of the eastern part of Singapore.

The start point, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School, slowly filled with enthusiastic Boys for registration.  Thereafter, they were directed to the holding area where they planned their routes for the race.

This year is the first year that the event using Seek&Spot.  All the instructor for the the challenge are being documented in the application.  Coordinator also use the app to monitor progress.

Singapore Book Publisher Association

The Singapore Book Publishers Association trusted FromLabs for the development of their website as well as registrations for all their events.  Using FromLabs Event Management, they are able to be more efficient in web communication and organizations of all their events. 

The SBPA was formed on 19 July 1968 by a group of publishers seeking to develop the then-fledging industry. The Association has guided the development of Singapore's publishing industry over the years and will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2018. The trade association has also evolved with the times, with the transition in recent years from an all-volunteer Executive Committee to the establishment of a permanent Secretariat to run activities professionally.



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